Holographic branding is the best way of making products capable of conveying feelings of safety, reliability and familiarity. Thus, they will enable products to stand out among others. Holograms are the new business DNA, identifying products as unique and genuine.



Any hologram project needs the previous development of the master. The most usual is using 2 or 3 layers, called 2D/3D major, or the Dot-matrix for cases that need especially high visual security. The planes are created separatedly and then included in the final image for the company. The “height” of the elements, that means which ones “float” over which others, is always borne in mind, and will be then perceived according to how light comes in contact with the surface. Although the holograms we produce are of very high resolution (up to 2000 dpi), the size and shape of the self-adhesive hologram will be designed according to the place where it will be placed. The final product can be delivered either in rolls or sheets (especially appropriate if they are going to be sent, as it is much cheaper to transport them) according to the wishes of the customer. 




Once the master has been made, the next step is the production of adhesive holographic labels. There’s no need to worry about how the adhesive film is made, as we use a 36um (0.036mm) thick aluminium layer covered with “tamper evident” adhesive glue, which makes it impossible for the hologram to be removed without its destruction and complete loss of its properties. The final process of exterior lamination with transparent polyester bestows it a major sheen and protection. As for how the final product is delivered, we can do it in rolls or personalized sheets, with the sape the customer desires. If you let us know the size, amount and wished features of the hologram, we can send a draft budget.