Discount tickets, free gift promotions, exchangeable coupons… any marketing strategy based on a document feedback or ticket can be easily implemented by using holograms. A good instance would be the world of advertising, where holograms are assiduously displayed.

Day by day, we are checking that marketing and public relations departments are starting to realise that an imaginative use of holograms in packages or even in publicity helps clients take the decision to buy a certain product.
Apart from the abovementioned advantages: invaluable way of potentiating quality and security of products; holograms improve the image or companies using them.

We give a few examples of hologram usages for the promotion of companies and their products:

As an advertising icon included in key rings, paperweights, calendars, post-its, compact discs, notepads, books…
In packages, since the presence of  holograms on the outer part of a box facilitates the identification of its content, as well as making it more attractive and prestigious.

  • In company gifts, which nowadays have become an unavoidable part of marketing and publicity budgets. Company gifts are not only keenly received but also remembered. The inclusion of a well-selected hologram on them generates further beneficial effect on the company's image.
  • At any point of sale.
  • In technical catalogues or in instruction guides.
  • In educational material.
  • In labels.
  • In video tapes.
  • In identity cards or authorization cards.
  • In exhibitions, fairs or reception areas, as a surprising and original method of displaying the products of a company or its very logo so as to advertise its image in the market.

Beyond everything said so far, holograms can be perceived as an exhibition material in galleries or museums. Holograms can also be understood as works of art, unique pieces, valuable, fragile or delicate, that can be easily displayed almost anywhere, even far away from their original environment and can be observed by a great number of viewers.

It must not be forgotten that we can send additional holograms to your own investigation centres.