Holograms can be included, with optimal results, in the packaging of any product so that there's no doubt as to its "original product" condition. The list of well-known international brands that use them everyday is long and prestigious: dolcegabbana Dolce&Gabanna, Vinos Rioja, Nokia, Intel, AMD, Canon, Panda Security, … Our clients can trust the efficiency and utility of this system.

We put emphasis once more on the direct link between holograms and security, but we do not do so without any basis: holography is a pioneer when it comes to sorting out problems, since, just because of its very own nature, a hologram is virtually impossible to counterfeit or to duplicate by any means, neither photographic or digital.

When security and warranted authenticity are sought, there's no better nor easier solution other than an untransferable label whose main benefit is its ability to make the consumer recognise at once a genuine product.

Very easy and incredibly efficacious. The mere inclusion of a holographic stamp allows many companies to warrant clients a complete and finished product, which reaches the client exactly as it was produced with an unaltered, unmanipulated content. All these features, which make holograms a vital ally for any serious employer all around the world, become just essential and irreplaceable when used in areas such as Latin America, where the needs to assure the final user a safe and fully trustable purchase has become an obsession for ambitious and conscientious entrepreneurs.

In order to provide this explanation with practical examples, let's have a look at a couple of instances:

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry faces great challenges at the time of backing and certifying the genuineness of its own products. Holographic labels and stamps have become a continuously used resource by international companies seeking  solutions in a troubled area concerning everyone, both consumers and producers.

The very same solution applies to the clothing industry. A world where rivalry and a fierce and sometimes unfair competition reigns makes it really difficult to get a steady place in the market, especially with the existence of generic store brands. All this makes companies look for new and powerful resources to defend their brands and products, task in which holograms are far more than handy.