It is not easy to counterfeit a hologram, everyone knows that. This is the reason why they are included in diplomas, warranties, cheques, driving licenses, tickets or entrances, since they are perceived as authentic products in this way. Using a hologram is not only an easy and effective way of showing the authenticity of an item, but also easy to recognize.

Holograms are a powerful deterring element, a strong weapon against currency forgery. It's use means authentication.

The products we are offering: self-adhesive holographic labels impossible to alter without damaging them; personalised three-dimensional holograms; security stamps that reveal any attempt of manipulation; they have all passed every security and quality control they have been tested in, making them unique tools for fighting any kind or attempt of counterfeit.

Because of the aforementioned grounds, holograms are earnestly recommended by almost every specialist.

ACTIVE HOLOGRAMS uses the latest technology in 2D/3D holography: SCRCODE®. Such technology uses so advanced techniques for the coverage that it makes it impossible to either create hologram duplicates or altering them without being harmed.