What makes costumers nowadays choose one product among the vast array available in the market? The answer is the holographic branding. Products capable of conveying feelings of safety, reliability and familiarity will undoubtedly succeed beyond other ones.

A hologram is the best way for a product to stand out and become identified with what we could call the business DNA: holograms.

A hologram is an image created by sophisticated techniques of extraordinary resolution (up to 2000 dpi) and three-dimensional look even on a flat support. Their deep appearance can be viewed in different ways depending on the direction, intensity and color of the light. The optical effect produced by the vision of a moving hologram makes the image change, making it possible to view more than one image in a single hologram (for example, the hologram on the euro notes).

These techniques are used by different sectors of advertising, packaging and marketing, as they have an unbeatable power to lure the consumer.

In addition to the advertising side, it is a secure way widely used to fight piracy. Currently, more than 20% of world trade, comes from piracy and copying, which poses a big threat to the economy of any company.

In order to increase the safety, ACTIVE HOLOGRAMS has incorporated into its holographic label production, highly secret security codification that makes it possible to detect these crimes. If we also take into account that holograms are impossible to duplicate with a scanner, photocopying machine or any optical procedure, we can realize that holograms are the best choice by far.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, working with secure holograms when creating a mark, product or element that should go out to the market is the best option.



Any hologram project needs the previous development of the master. The most usual is using 2 or 3 layers, called 2D/3D major, or the Dot-matrix for cases that need especially high visual security.



The production of holographic foil needed for heat stamping requires the same initial process of creation of master, although the outcome is a thinner metallized film, called also hot foil or foil for heat stamping.



Active Holograms has produced several standarized generic masters for security and marketing which can be used at any time if there is no will of making a new design