The production of holographic foil needed for heat stamping requires the same initial process of creation of master, although the outcome is a thinner metallized film, called also hot foil or foil for heat stamping.

The design must be carefully planned. There are two types of design: CENTERED design (it is necessary to know the detection method) and  INDIANA design (optical record mark is not required, because thanks to a multiply repeated design, it is possible to get the same result no matter how the hologram is stamped). The original artwork you provide us is firstly used to create the master, afterwards, the master is used to replicate as many holograms as desired, and then, finally, holograms are adapted to the needed shape or roll for their use in stamping machines, as well as for the target material they will be applied on (cartons, bags) with a wide range of materials depending on such surface.

Our work will be always carried out according the the speciphic indications you give us from the very start. That includes the orientation of holograms, shape, number, design, color, optic detection mark....