Trust us your holographic project: there is a solution of value for you.


Our company, which began its activities in the field of automatic identification in the year 1992, has given rise to several business divisions. Since 2000, our division ACTIVE HOLOGRAMS performs the entire process of mastering with a new technique for processing in batches called MASTERTWIN©. And we possess accurate infrastructure and equipment for the manufacturing and sale of holographic products directly to customers and also through agents around the world.

Our laboratories and manufacturing unit are in a protected environment in the region of Penedes (Barcelona, protected and away from the road). The ethics and high security of our professionals, as a verifiable reference, endorse us in this field.   


The usage of 2D and 3D holograms in our labels, is an ideal means of not only providing products of a genuine and attractive image for consumers, but also offering the best protection for the brand. All this makes the clients be proner to choose the designed product, as they feel it safe, reliable and authentic. They are, thus, a highly advisable choice, since they reinforce the image of the company and, at the same time, protect it.